Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction to Jan and Vital Energy Qigong

    • Who I am and Why I'm Doing this Work

    • Introduction to Vital Energy

    • What is Qigong?

    • First Practice: Your Breath (Wen Huo Breathing)

    • Two Key Acupressure Points to Move Qi and Regulate Menstrual Pain and Uterus in General

    • Resources: My Teachers about Women’s Health and Sexuality

    • A Few Tech Tips for Using this Course Platform!

  • 2

    2. Nurturing our Body and Intention for Healthful Practices

    • Introduction to a Woman's Body

    • Moongazing to Regulate Menstruation

    • Wuji Practice to Build and Activate Lower Dantian Energy

    • Full and Dark Moon Practices including Breast Massage

    • Food to Move Stagnant Liver Qi (for pain and prior to menses)

    • Circling the 3 Moons Qigong Flow to Regulate Menstruation and Hormones

  • 3

    3. Depletion and Restoring Kidney Energy

    • Knowing when and Why You are Depleted and Understanding Kidney Energy

    • Is Orgasm Depleting?

    • Check-in: How much are you Giving Out?

    • Practice: Kidney Restoration (2 min)

    • Practice: Daoist Meditation to Increase Vital Energy (7 min)

    • Boost Energy Practice: Knocking on the door of life

  • 4

    4.Nuture yourself with Breath, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Sleep

    • Tips for Eating, sleeping and chilling out

    • Sleep Qigong Practices

  • 5

    5. The Heart: A Woman’s Energetic Center

    • The Heart: A Woman's Energetic Center

    • Tonglen-esque Heart release Qigong

    • Tonifying Heart-womb massage

  • 6

    6. Sexual-Organ Health and General Health

    • Importance of sexual-organ health

    • What happens during sexual stimulation?

    • PC muscle activation meditation

  • 7

    7. Nurturing Your Breasts, Ovaries and Womb

    • Nurturing the breasts, ovaries and womb

    • Practice: Complete 30 Minute Qigong Flow for Breast and Womb Health

    • Self-acceptance meditation

    • Practice: White Tigress morning breast, ovary, womb tonification

    • Circling the 3 Moons

    • Womb meditation

  • 8

    8. Fanning the Fire of our Sexual Energy

    • Fanning the Fire of our Sexual Energy

    • How to approach these flows and mini practice feeling the Lao Gong palm point

    • Warm-up Practice: breath, tapping, stretching, dancing

    • Practice: Tai Chi Opening and Full Body Qi Massage

    • Practice: Water Flow to Benefit Kidney Energy

    • Standing Practice: Packing Qi and Activating Heart and Sexual Centers

    • Seated Practice: Restoring Jing and Circulating Qi through the Microcosmic Orbit

  • 9

    Summary Links to Practices and Resource List

    • Index: Quick Link to All Practices and Meditations

    • Suggested Flow of Practices in Your Week and Day

    • Resource List

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They Will Treasure This

~Ann Cecil-Sterman, M.S., L.Ac

"Wonderfully useful. And so interesting. When I read it I feel that you’ve been through an indescribable healing. I hope they treasure it. ~Ann Cecil-Sterman, M.S., L.Ac"

Heart-centered and compassionate


Hi, I've been working with Jan for several years in the tantric realm, energy work and philosophy. But recently I experienced such a wonderful online qigong treatment with Jan. I am a free-diver and was struggling to drop below 5 meters because of excruciating pain in my ears. So I reached out for a Zoom call. Our interactions have always been so much from the heart space and I really felt her love and compassion for my status. Jan gave me a few techniques to dissolve the damp and mucus and warm my internal organs. I went back into the ocean after a few weeks. I was in absolute awe to drop down to 10 meters without any problems in my ears or any pain coming up and it was a really, really beautiful experience. Suskia Strafella Traditional Tantra Practitioner & Wombworker +27 83 644 6929


Tracy Owens

"It's amazing, Jan! it really is fab. Loads of info and very beautiful. Tracy Owens, RN Blackbird Song Shamanic Healing



“Gratitude for your medicine.” NN